Estonian-French fusion at the ‘culinary Olympics’

Source: Margus Johanson

Estonian-French fusion at the ‘culinary Olympics’

Top chef Dmitri Rooz presented the best of Estonian-international fusion cuisine at the 30th Bocuse d'Or competition, the 'Olympics' of the food world.

Twenty-four chefs from around the world are selected every second year to represent their nations in a showcase of culinary talent and innovation. On January 25th, Team Estonia, headed by chef Dmitri Rooz, took 14th in the final in Lyon, France. Medals were awarded to the United States, Norway and Iceland respectively.

Who is Team Estonia?

Estonian innovation on display  

Team Estonia's decorative serving platters were crafted by artisans at the Estonian Academy of Arts using high-tech digital models and lasers.

Photo by: Margus Johanson

It takes a small army of 12 people to prepare Team Estonia for competition, the face of which is chef Dmitri Rooz, mastermind behind local hit restaurants Beer House, Korsaar, Farm and Rukis. Rooz is assisted by commis Vladislav Borovik and coached by Pavel Djatškov. Dmitri Demjanov, President of Bocuse d'Or Estonia and long-time patron of the Estonian culinary community, has also mentored Rooz and representatives of Team Estonia in years past.

Provincial ingredients meet Baltic flavours

Regional ingredients from East and West 

Chicken and produce from France combine with farm-fresh ingredients brought straight from Estonia. 

Photo by: Margus Johanson

To prove their culinary skill and versatility, the chefs were required to fashion their dishes around provided ingredients - shellfish and Bresse chicken, from the Eastern French province. Rooz and his team imported 100 Bresse chickens to Estonia during their 20 months of preparations. The Estonian flavour in the dish came from local dill, morel mushrooms, Peipus onions, Vana Tallinn spiced liqueur and apple cider from the Tori-Jõesuu farm. Chicken and shellfish aside, the final challenge was to prepare a completely vegan dish. Rooz selected raw buckwheat, an Estonian superfood, and boletus mushrooms to give his recipe a national signature.

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Last updated : 11.05.2018

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