New museums and attractions

Source: Kaval Ants Stuudio, Visit Estonia

New museums and attractions

You thought you've seen it all? Guess again! Here are the newest attractions opening in Estonia this year. With just 1.3 million habitants, Estonia is home to a whopping 250 museums storing historical gems and fun modern attractions. Let's take a closer look at new places to visit in the near future.


An internationally recognised museum of photography with its roots in Stockholm, Fotografiska is a meeting place for art, good food, music, design, and an open mindset. The concept of the Fotografiska Tallinn Photography Museum includes an exhibition and event area, a café, a restaurant, and a fine-art photography shop. Fotografiska was open in Tallinn  in June 2019.


Imagine driving the world's first car, locomotive or hot air balloon, or walking on the bottom of the ocean... Now, it's possible – the PROTO invention factory, unique in Europe, is finally open! Only here, in a former top-secret submarine factory, can you encounter prototypes of amazing inventions that come to life before your very eyes with the help of the latest technology. Would you like to create, invent, fly, study or make something with your own hands? That's exactly what PROTO is here for, offering fantastic experiences for young and old alike.

Kai art center

A new cultural hub for local and international art, Kai opened in September 2019. Located in the historic and culturally-vibrant Noblessner area on Tallinn's waterfront, the former submarine plant will provide 450 m2 of top-floor exhibition space, presenting four main exhibitions each year.

Thule Koda

This "alternative history" museum featuring the history of Estonia's largest island Saaremaa offers entertaining activities, exhibitions, and interactive participation (DIY-cinema, 360º movies, etc.). The exposition of THULE KODA introduces the role of Saaremaa in world history as Ultima Thule (the end of the world, the final frontier). Visitors can experience the travels of Pytheas, the geographer from Ancient Greece by exploring the exposition and participating in games.

Fat Margaret

The Estonian Maritime Museum in Tallinn Old Town is located in a 16th-century tower called Fat Margaret that will open in November 2019. The main draw will be the 18 m hanseatic cargo ship discovered in 2015. The exhibition will be designed for family experience, combining interactive and digital solutions.

Narva castle

The Narva Castle is one of the main attractions of Narva city. In the seventh decade of the 13th century, the Danes established a castle as a residence for the Danish King's vice-Regent. The Narva Castle is the most diverse and best preserved defence structure in Estonia. In autumn 2019 a fully renovated medieval castle will re-open. The castle will host historic and contemporary exhibitions.

New development of Estonian Road Museum

Located in the historical Varbuse postal station in South Estonia, the Estonian Road Museum introduces the development of roads and traffic through interactive displays. A large variety of two-wheeled vehicles, a spectacular machinery hall, and exciting exhibitions offer plenty to explore. On the second floor of the main building, there is a unique children's museum introducing life in the postal station. There, different programmes are offered to children and families. Opened in July 2019, the new wing of the museum features a traffic education centre and automobile era exhibition.

Last updated : 04.06.2020