What’s cooking at Tasty Tartu restaurant month

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What’s cooking at Tasty Tartu restaurant month

The Tasty Tartu restaurant month (Maitsev Tartu) takes place for the 6th time this February (1.-29.02), highlighting the most creative fare the city has to offer. Diners have the chance to order and judge limited-time menus at some of Estonia's top restaurants while getting acquainted with the essence of Tartu.

The dynamic spirit of Tartu

Cultural and intellectual capital 

The city of Tartu has just over 93,000 residents, of which about 14,000 are students. 

Photo by: Jaak Nilson 

Tartu has been dubbed the 'culture capital' of Estonia; it's home to one of Northern Europe's oldest universities and a flourishing art scene. Some of Estonia's most historical cafes, frequented by writers, artists and musicians, are situated among Tartu's winding streets. In fact, there seems to be a little gem, whether that be a gallery, coffee shop, or piece of street art, waiting around every corner. The student population keeps the nights alive with a youthful energy and the compact layout is perfect for exploring by foot.

Gourmet showdown

Tasty Tartu is a roadmap to superb restaurants in a town full of them. Fourteen participating venues each craft an exclusive three-course menu. Meals include an appetiser, main course and dessert, all for a standard price of 22€. The price may sound like a bargain, however the dishes taste nothing short of gourmet. You'll find exotic local delicacies like moose cutlets, roasted elk in a juniper-infused broth, smoked caviar, and lake Peipsi golden onions along side nutrient-packed Estonian superfoods like buckwheat, blackcurrants, sea buckthorn and beetroot.

In a hurry to try them all? The menus are served throughout the month of February. Diners, as well as a jury of judges, rate the meals throughout the restaurant month to find out which culinary team is this year's best. Visit the Tasty Tartu homepage www.maitsevtartu.ee to view participating restaurants and their menus. The menu will be available from 22nd of January 2020.

Last updated : 04.02.2020

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