TOP 10 events this season

Source: Patrik Tamm, Visit Estonia

TOP 10 events this season

If you still need an excuse to spend your holiday in Estonia, then check out this list of sports events, festivals and concerts. From opera on a medieval island to the biggest electronic dance musicians on the beach, these events are for the holiday lovers.

DocPoint Tallinn documentary festival

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa

29.01.2020 - 02.02.2020

Launched nine years ago by a group of enterprising Finnish filmmakers in Helsinki, the Docpoint documentary festival has since gone on to become a prestigious event throughout Europe.

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Tasty Tartu – a month of taste experiences

Tartu maakond, Tartu

01.02.2020 - 29.02.2020

Tasty Tartu is a campaign of taste experiences. Only in February (1–29 February), you can enjoy new food experiences by trying the special three-course menus of the 16 restaurants. The special menus are available for the set price of 22 euros. You can learn more about the menus and restaurants by clicking on the websites of the restaurants. The menus are published on 24 January.  The head chefs of the restaurants participating in the campaign will do their best to surprise the locals and visitors of the city with delicious special dishes. As many local ingredients as possible are used to make the food. Enjoy your food experiences in Tartu!

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Simple Session

Harju maakond, Haabersti linnaosa

08.02.2020 - 09.02.2020

Simple Session, the most popular skateboarding and BMX competition of the year, is one of the most important events in Estonia! This extreme sports competition attracts more and more foreign visitors and famous competitors every year. Thanks to the media, millions of viewers follow it. The exciting weekend is full of unprecedented spectacles, as several hundred BMX riders and skateboarders from all over the world compete in the massive competition area. The atmosphere is exciting and pleasant. In the evening, however, it turns into a wild party programme.

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Kolkja Sled and Onion Route Winter Festival

Tartu maakond, Kolkja alevik

09.02.2020 - 09.02.2020

Kolkja Sled is a traditional competition for kick sledges, which takes place either on Lake Peipus or on its shore. Onion Route Winter Festival is an event where the active local people come together to offer something for your stomach, eyes, and ears. We invite you to a winter festival full of sports, local food, and cultural events.

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Tartu Marathon

Throughout Estonia

09.02.2020 - 16.02.2020

Tartu Marathon is the largest ski marathon in Eastern Europe, which brings together nearly 10,000 participants each year. The Tartu Marathon tracks are located in the beautiful Southern Estonia and it is possible to choose between distances of 63 and 31 km. Foreign visitors have said that this trail is one of the most beautiful and interesting ones in the world. Tartu Marathon is part of the international Worldloppet cross-country skiing series.

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European Sauna Marathon

Valga maakond, Otepää linn

15.02.2020 - 15.02.2020

The sauna marathon sees 4-person teams attempting to experience as many of the saunas in and around Otepää as possible over a period of 5 hours. The start is at the Pühajärve park at midday, with teams being given orienteering maps. All of the members of a team must be in each sauna for at least 3 minutes, with bonus points for dips in ice holes and cold water pools and the use of other attractions provided by the sauna owners. The sauna marathon aims to value our sauna traditions and provide entertainment to both participants and spectators.

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IBU European Open Biathlon Championships

Valga maakond, Otepää linn

26.02.2020 - 01.03.2020

The European Championships in biathlon will take place at Tehvandi Sports Centre in Otepää, and both world and Estonian top biathletes are expected to attend. There will be individual, relay, sprint, and pursuit races. Spectators can also enjoy the race comfortably outside the stadium, as a screen will be mounted along the track. For the first time in Otepää, some competitions will be held in the evening. This will be the third time for Estonia to host the European Biathlon Championships. The European Championships also took place in Otepää in 2010 and 2015.

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Kallaste Karakatitsa

Tartu maakond, Kallaste linn

29.02.2020 - 29.02.2020

Kallaste Karakatitsa is an event for our local vehicles that are called karakatitsa: vehicles with enormous tires made for ice ride and for fishing on the ice. This day we have a parade of Karakatitsa and a cultural program.

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